mardi 20 mars 2012

Questions about Angelic Pretty Tea Party !

People have been asking a lot of questions since we've posted about the tea party.
We have decided to make all questions and answers public, so everyone will know.
When would the tea party take place ??
Most likely, it will be first week of july, time of so many events.
We have to wait for a confirmation from AP japan because we cannot do a Tea Party without Maki and Asuka, isn't it ?
If i purchase several times, would I get several tickets so I can increase my chances of getting my name drawn ??
We haven't even thought about it, but the answer is clearly no.
Everybody will have even chances. For the same reasons, expensives purchases won't mean more tickets than small ones.
How can we be sure the drawing is going to be fair and not fixed ??
We will draw in public june the 2nd. It will be a good excuse for a mini event.
Can anyone enter the game and come to the tea party ??
Yes of course, as long as you are an AP customer. People buying on internet will have their names on the list too.
Of course, total AP look is mandatory for the tea party, so you'll have to make your best to represent our brand that day.
As soon as we gather a few more questions, we'll post the answer.
Thank you everyone. See you june the 2nd...

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